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Document legalisation, notarisation and Apostille services in Scotland

We at Scotland Translations understand that your document or translation may need to be legalised to use it. To save you time and effort, we have established a team of expert legal advisors who will be delighted to advise you whether your translation requires a legalisation, and if so, which type of legalisation best suits your needs. Contact us today and find out more!

Apostille Authentication

This is the highest level of document or translation legalisation, where the notarised translation or legalised document is sent to the FCO in London ( we are doing it via our London office ) and is there affixed with the UK Apostille stamp. By this means, the translator's and notary's signatures are authenticated and the country of origin of the document and the conditions under which it was signed are verified. Please note Apostillisation can only be done in London!

Required for: Legal documents (like court decisions, Power of Attorney, Wills) and official personal documents (like passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates) that are prepared in Scotland but are to be used abroad, in any country signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961.

You need a legalised translation? You are uncertain whether an Apostille authentication is necessary for your document? Don't worry - we will take it all in hand! From preparation or translation of a document right up to notarisation and Apostille authentication, you can be sure that you will always get the best quality service and the fastest turn-around times at Scotland Translations - guaranteed!

Contact us today and find out more! Our legal team is here to answer and due to our expansive team of devoted legal translators and interpreters, we offer you advise in your language!

Document Legalisation and Notarisation

This includes several different types of legalisation - and we provide all of them!

  • Translation certification

    Translation certification

    After our certified translator prepared the translation, he signs the translated document and a copy of the original to attest that the translation is true and accurate to the original. This most elementary level of certification is ascertained by our strict proofreading and quality control checks. Additionally, our unique translation agency stamp accredits the translation.

    Required for: Translations of official documents and some legal documents such as court transcripts and medical documents.

  • Translation notarisation

    Translation notarisation

    This service, also known as a Notary Public legalisation, concerns our notary signing the translation to authenticate the translator's signature provided in the translation certification service.

    Required for: Personal documents such as passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, educational certificates and most legal documents such as a Power of Attorney and a Statement of No Criminal Record.

  • True Copy of the Original Certification

    True Copy of the Original Certification

    In case you need several copies of an original document, for instance for other forms of legalisations, we certify you as many copies as necessary.

    Required for: Copies of original documents attached to certified and notarised translations, translations and documents requiring Apostille authentication, official documents to be distributed amongst large groups of people or to several Government departments.


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