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Spot Us

Types of Translation Services in Scotland

We are delighted to inform you that we at Scotland Translations offer the most comprehensive and professional document translation services anywhere in Scotland! We have ascertained that only the very best certified translators join our team by choosing them very carefully. This means that all our translators are native speakers having many years of experience translating in their chosen fields.

Seeing that our expert services encompass everything from Financial Translation Services to Website Translation, you can be sure that we are the best choice for all your translation requirements!

Expertise and efficiency

All of our translators specialise in a specific field of industry, thus we are proud to offer unrivalled expertise in an extensive range of fields and languages, including:

Why don't you contact us today to get a free quote? You can discuss any queries you may have with our friendly and helpful staff - and in the language most comfortable to you.

  • Legal translation - our speciality!

    Legal translation - our speciality!

    Translation of legal documents such as contracts, legal cases, court transcripts and court decisions

  • Medical translation

    Medical translation

    Translation of medical documents, case histories, medical procedures and surgical protocols, among others

  • Financial translation

    Financial translation

    Translation of all financial documents including loan agreements, income statements, tax declarations and tax return forms

  • Corporate and business translations

    Corporate and business translations

    Translation of all corporate documents, for instance tax registration, merger and acquisition statements, employee protocols and memoranda

  • Personal translations

    Personal translations

    Translation of any personal document, including passports, statement of no criminal record, immigration status

  • Educational document translations

    Educational document translations

    Translations of degrees, diplomas, teaching qualifications and vocational qualification certificates

  • IT translations

    IT translations

    Such as hardware specifications and software translations

  • Website localisations

    Website localisations

    Translation of website texts to reflect the local culture and vernacular

  • Patent translations

    Patent translations

    Confidential translations of patent certificates and patent applications

  • Technical translations

    Technical translations

    For instance scientific texts, engineering texts, architectural documents and planning applications


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